Frequently Asked Questions

1.)  How am I notified of when registration begins every year?  

A.  We send out different types of mass communication.  Our website will provide all new yearly dates, times and locations, a mass email is sent out to our last years registrants from our clubs registrar, an email goes out to all active members of the SACYSL website, flyers are circulated to schools in San Leandro and San Lorenzo and a mailer will go out to all previous registrants.

2.)  When does registration typically begin?

A.  Registration typically begins during the months of March and April.  We schedule 2 weeknight in person registration days as well as 2 Saturday registration days.  Registration is also available via our website during the months of March - end of May.

3.)  I would like my child to be buddied up with another player, is that possible?

A.  You may request a buddy, however we are unable to make any guarantee's of your request.  It is all dependent on the number of teams and children within that age group who register.  In addition refunds are not given if requests are not honored.

4.)  I would like to request a particular coach, is that possible?  

A.  You may request a previous years coach, however like the buddy system we are unable to make any guarantee's of your request.  Often a Coach may not be returning the next year, or has maxed out the number of players he is allowed.  In addition refunds are not given if requests are not honored.

5.)  I don't like the Coach my child has - can I switch?

A.)  A serious case will need to be presented to make this kind of switch once teams are formed.  Making changes after teams are formed impacts everyone, therefore if you have a serious need for the switch, the league will need to be informed of reasons for consideration.  Switches are not guaranteed.

6.)  What happens if I am unable to get my child to a game?  

A.)  Inform your teams Coach, or Team Parent well ahead of time.  Coaches prepare for games days before and will need to know who is going to be on the pitch and who isn't.  Additionally, if a hardship presents itself to get your player to the field, please coordinate with other parents who may be able to assist with ride-shares.

7.)  I have a complaint about my childs playing time, other parents, side-line behavior, situation with another team, etc...who do I go to? 

A.  Please approach your Coach first.  Inform him of your situation and concern.  Often, they will try to mitigate on your behalf.  Should a sitauation arise about your Coach, please contact the Vice President who is in charge of the disciplinary committee.  All situations will be heard out, and worked through on a case by case basis.

8.)  I am a volunteer team parent, how do we order team banners?  How are they paid for?

A.)  We have banner vendors on our "links tab" on our website.  Banners are purchased by your team.  You may begin fundraising to help support the cost of banners (visiting the "Fundraiser tab" on our website), or obtain sponsors.  Sponsorship forms are provided under the "forms tab" on our site.

9.)  Will my child receive a medal at the end of the season?

A.  Yes, medals are handed out to all players within SACYSL at the end of the season.

10.)  I would like to help provide some feedback and ideas to support SACYSL next year, how can I do this?

A.)  Become a Board Member!!!  Your ideas and feedback are valuable to us, and we always need new Board Members to help our club.  If you are interested in becomming a Board Member - voting takes place every December at the San Lorenzo Home Owners Association on Paseo Grande. If you are only interested in helping, you may attend a meeting.  Meetings are held the 1st Thursday of every month at 7:00 PM.

We thank you for being a part of this amazing club that has been supporting our youth for 40 years!  If we were unable to answer any of your immediate questions here, please email us at: