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About Us


Mission:  It is the goal of the Southern Alameda County Youth Soccer League to promote health, welfare, camaraderie, family unity and well-being among youth and their families in this community, through the teachings and practice of soccer.

History:  Southern Alameda County Youth Soccer (SACYSL) began serving the San Leandro and San Lorenzo communities since 1974 and became a part of US Soccer and CYSA in 1975.  By 1979 Southern Alameda Soccer League incorporated other surrounding cities including, Castro Valley, Hayward and Union City.  A Board of Directors committee was created in 1989 to support the decisions made for the club which held 6 seats and 18 officers in a variety of positions, some of which included:  Team Coordinators, Newsletter and Select Rep, Daily Review Report, Picture Coordinator and Publicity/Youth-Adult Dance Coordinator.  Surprisingly the Youth Dance Crew referred a whopping 400+ players to the league, which grew the number of youth soccer participants in SACYSL to 1400!  Just a few short years later, the league grew even  more with the largest amount of registered players to date - 2500+ including select players!!

Being an extremely community driven club, SACYSL began holding annual tournaments.  In 1992 SACYSL brought in teams from neighboring communities to participate in what was called:  SACYSL Cup Tournament.  That same year the Pee Wee program was born and the league was successful in forming over 65 teams!

By 1996, Castro Valley pulled out of SACYSL and became a stand alone club.

The beginning of a new century, year 2000, brought about significant change to the club. Technology took a lead which helped encourage SACSYL to develop their own website, in addition to a rotating newsletter "The Goal Post" delivered to the clubs current/returning registrants.  In 2002 dreams became reality when H.A.R.D. (Hayward Area Recreational Development) built what is now considered to be SACYSL's home turf field at the San Lorenzo Community Center which literally became lifechanging for the club.  The following year current Technical Director of Coaching for SACYSL Paul McCallion created the club's competitve division branded name "California Northstars".

Today SACYSL is still growing strong with a total of 11 Board of Director members, 50+ volunteers and between 700-900 registered youth soccer players!

Interesting Facts:  In 1979 the SACYSL snack bar began out of the back of a pick up truck.....YES a pick up truck!  10 years later "The Snack Bar" as we know it today, has its own building along the side of the soccer field at San Lorenzo Community Park.  If it weren't for the persistance and determination of our clubs Volunteers during that time, it may not be there today.  For it was the Volunteers of SACYSL that took it upon themselves to fundraise enough money to donate to the Hayward Area Recreation Department in order to begin construction of the building.