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08/28/2015, 1:00pm PDT

Our Featured Coach series continues with an interview with Paul McCallion of the Southern Alameda County Youth Soccer League and California Northstars.



McCallion currently serves as the Director of Coaching and Technical Director for the league, and was the founder of the Northstars. He is the head coach for the Northstars U15 Girls team and is also the Associate Head Coach for the Notre Dame de Namur University Men's and Women's soccer teams.



You can learn more about his experience in the game by visiting his SACYSL page.



1. Who is your favorite professional player to watch, and what is it about his game that intrigues you the most?



Paul: My favorite professional player to watch is Wayne Rooney from Manchester United. The thing that intrigues me the most about Wayne's game is his work ethic and how hard he competes in every game. 



2. What are the major characteristics that you try to instill in your players in order to help them strive to become a complete soccer player?



Paul: The major characteristics that I try to instill in my players in order to help them strive to become a complete soccer player is to learn teamwork and work well with others.



I try to help them obtain a level of physical fitness and coordination that will benefit them later in life.  I also love installing in our youth players the desire to make soccer a lifetime sport. 



3. Is there a specific individual training drill that you would recommend for all youth soccer players?



Paul:  I think that rather than one specific individual training drill, I would recommend that every youth soccer player master the coerver drills. I make my youth players, high school players, college players and the professional players I have coached master these specific skills. 



4. What gives you the most satisfaction as a coach in terms of player and team development?



Paul: The things that give me the most satisfaction as a coach in terms of player and team development is when your player believes in themselves through trials and tribulations and come together for the betterment of the whole team. 



5. What is the most influential piece of advice that you've received that's helped you throughout your career?



Paul: The best piece of advice I learned is never to cut corners. Put in the work when no one else is watching and that effort is between you and yourself.


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