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Recreational Program

Recreation Soccer Program Details

SACYSL’s recreational soccer program is for any child ages 4-19 who want to have fun, learn about the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship, and develop soccer skills and techniques.  Players do not have to tryout for a team.  Every player who registers will be placed on a team.  Teams are organized before each season by the coaching coordinators and registrar of the club and are based on age.  If you chose to select a player buddy or preferred coach, we will try our best to accommodate requests, however we must also try to create teams of equal strength throughout their division.  Practices for the younger divisions are generally 1-2 days per week with older divisions having practices up to 3 days per week.  

Registration for SACYSL typically begins in March and April with teams being finalized by the end of May.  Volunteer coaches must have minimal licensing credentials for their age group.  Those who volunteer to coach will be contacted between April and May and will be offered coaching courses to secure their required license. 

Coaches will receive their team rosters the first of June and will begin contacting parents to inform them of practice dates and times. This process will vary depending on the team. We welcome anyone to volunteer in assisting their team. Typically a team parent is asked to assist with preparing practice & snack schedules to circulate amongst the teams parents as well as coordinate an end of season party (if desired).

The first games of the season typically start towards the end of August and conclude in mid-November.  Uniforms should be distributed by the coaches 1-2 weeks prior to the first game.

Most games generally take place at the San Lorenzo Community Center (Duck Pond). However, games may be played at other fields such as Stenzel Park (San Leandro) or other fields outside of the area (Hayward, Union City) should inter-league play be incorporated.

We welcome all children, and look forward to see YOU on the pitch!!!!



If you have not heard from a Coach by July 31st – Please email the league at

League games begin on the weekend of August 29th and only take place on Saturdays and an occasional Sunday. All games are completed by the last weekend in October or early November if rainouts have occured.There are no games on Labor Day Weekend.  

School/Zone Codes: Your school and zone code tells the League where your player attends school and the area in which you live. This information is used for team formation so it is important that it is correct. 

Coach Background Checks All NEW head and assistant coaches must complete a LIVE SCAN fingerprint background check for SACYSL. Click here for more information on Coach Background Checks. 

Player Registration: To play in the Recreational league you must complete an online League registration for your player. To start the process, click here. You may also sign up at one of our walk-in registration dates listed on the home page

Coach Registration: All Recreational head and assistant coaches must register separately from their player to be considered for a coaching position.  To register as a coach or assistant coach click here.

Team Formation Requests: Because of the size of the Recreational program the League is unable to accommodate any coach, team, practice schedule, carpool, or after school care requests. The only way to guarantee placement on a specific team is to be part of the coaching team (one head coach and two assistant coaches). No buddy requests will be accepted this year because of the nation-wide age matrix change.

When will practices start: All coaches are awarded teams in late July/early August. They are given a roster of players and it is up to the coach/manager to contact each player. There is usually an initial meeting between the coach/manager and the parents/players. Practices are discussed and the coach/manager will give out information on where, when and how often practices take place. You cannot request to be moved to another team because of practice location, time or days. The coach will determine the day, time and practice field.

Who to call if I do not hear from anyone regarding my child’s team: You can email or call the recreational director, Rodney Johnson or email the league at Rodney's contact information is listed on the parteners & staff page.

Rainouts during the season: The league will determine if an official rainout has been declared. The official notice of a rainout will be posted on this website or to the league hotline (510-278-SOCR).  The league will then determine when any and all rainouts will be scheduled. It is NOT the team’s responsibility to reschedule.

Refund policy: No refunds are granted once a practice takes place for your child’s team. Only refunds that are granted are if your child is unable to perform physically or moves out of the area.

No referee present for the game: Recreational games are played, regardless of a referee being present or not. The protocol if a referee is not present, licensed referee from the visitor side. If not available, then a licensed referee from the home team, and if not available, any individual present that both coaches agree to.

Coaching issues: If you find the need to speak with someone regarding your child’s coach, start with a one on one with the coach. The next step is calling our Recreational Director, Rodney Johnson.

Picture day: Picture day dates are TBD. Your team manager will have details on the date and time and will have order packages for each player. There will be a make-up day if the photographer company feels it necessary.

Board Contacts: Always start with the appropriate individual. Contacting the incorrect board director will delay the delivery of an answer.

President: Debbie McCallion

Vice President: Heather Scott

Secretary: Tracie Botelho

Director of Coaching: Paul McCallion

Recreational Director: Rodney Johnson

Registrar: Haley Burris

Field Coordinator: Elio Corral

LEAGUE HOTLINE 510-278-SOCR (7627) or Email: