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SACYSL Competitive Program Details

    Competitive Program Overview:

    Competitive (Division 1) Soccer is the highest level of competition for serious players with strong technical ability, skill and most importantly the desire to play at this level.  Teams in this division play with other premier teams in their respective age groups throughout the Northern California area.  Teams also play in several tournaments throughout the season both in and out of the state and also play in State Cup.  At this level, playing times are earned - not guaranteed and is at the discretion of the Coach. 

    Our competitive program is built with the mind frame to develop the player first with the basics taught at a young age and progression towards the whole player, as they learn and grow within the sport. 

    SACYSL’s Division 1 program brings together the most talented and committed individuals, providing an opportunity for elite players to grow in the most challenging and competitive environment possible.

    The club is affiliated with the California Youth Soccer Association, US Club Soccer, and Nor Cal Premier Soccer.  SACYSL’s competitive program is directed by our Director of Coaching, Paul McCallion, who founded the California Northstars in 2003.  The Northstar teams have had much success over the years winning prestigious tournaments such as Surf Cup, Nomads, Blues Cup, Aloha International Cup, Mustang Stampede, Pleasanton College Showcase, California Cup, State Cup, and Regional Champions.  The Northstar teams have over 50 players who have received NCAA College soccer scholarships.

    Competitive teams for our Division 1 program can play at four levels: Premier, Gold, Silver and Bronze.  Level of play will be based on the holistic talent of the team and officially decided by our Director of Coaching, Paul McCallion. 

    Time Commitment:

    This division represents the highest level of commitment by both players and parents alike.  Careful decision needs to be made when choosing to play at this level.  Players are expected to attend all training sessions, games and tournaments.  This will require additional commitment of parents transporting their players to and from each event timely.  The average number of training days are typically, 2-3 times per week throughout the year.  Training schedules will be left at the discretion of each teams coach.  Competitive league games are played on most weekends during the spring and fall seasons.   Designated tournaments are typically played throughout the year – often 3-5 at most.  Some tournaments will require travel, possibly including overnight stay.  U14 and above will be required to take a winter break (Mid November – Late February) allowing players to participate in soccer activities with their respective high schools.  U9 – U13 age groups will typically have a break in the summer and during the winter – break schedules will be left at the coach’s discretion.

    Annual Try-Outs:

    Competitive try-outs are held annually for both new and returning players.  Returning players, who participated in SACYL’s competitive program season prior, must attend a try-out session to be re-evaluated.  Final selection of players and teams formed are approved by the Director of Coaching, Paul McCallion, at the conclusion of each age groups try-out session.  Additionally, team coaches may be shifted and will also be decided by Director of Coaching, Paul McCallion.  There is no cost to attend a try-out session with SACYSL.

    Financial Commitment:

    In addition to the commitment of time – there is an additional commitment to play competitive soccer financially.  Costs are usually higher than that of the recreational program.  Beyond the standard costs of registration fees, there are additional expenses involved.  Higher quality uniforms, referee costs, field costs, and higher level of training are all costs associated with playing competitive soccer.  Additional fees may include tournament entry fees, travel and lodging.  Teams typically fundraise to help off-set some of these costs in addition to obtaining sponsors from local business.  SACYSL prides itself on being one of the lowest in cost throughout the Northern California area.

    Volunteer Commitment:

    SACYSL’s competitive program requires a number of volunteers to help each team operate effectively and efficiently.  These positions typically require a commitment for the entire seasonal year. Volunteers from each team will be needed for the following positions:

    ·         Team Manager – Coordinates phone trees, player passes, parent meetings, travel, tournament applications, training schedules, etc.

    ·         Team Treasurer – Handles the money for the individual team and works with the League’s Treasurer to provide standardized reports for accountability.

    ·         Team Events Coordinator – Helps facilitate events such as end of season parties, team bonding, team dinners (during tournament travel), etc.

    ·         Fundraising Coordinator – Works with Team Manager in coordinating fundraising events to help support and reduce team costs.