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Soccer Camp


2013 SACYSL Partners with English Premier Team - Bolton Wanderers 4 years and running!!

For the fourth year now, Bolton has re-visited SACYSL to host a week long soccer camp for its top elite players.  The Bolton Coaches were thrilled to see continued success with the club and repeates that SACYSL is showing to be a serious club with great growth potential.  45 of SACYSL's top competitive players attended camp and were given an opportunity to learn new technical skill & receive professional training - often giving 1:1 feedback to each player.  Students during camp were also put to the "athleticism test" for the second year to benchmark average soccer players in their age group throughout the world.  This is pivitol for SACYSL as it helps to focus on what each players strengths are as well as what they may need to work on individually.  SACYSL's top competitive players will be selected to visit England and play against other peers from around the world in their age group, giving an opportunity to potentially get noticed professionally.  We are very much looking forward to a long term partnership with Bolton, and would like to say thank you to Paul McCallion for positioning our club as such, and a huge thanks to Bolton Wanderers for their dedication and support to our club.